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'Evidence based design' underpins our whole approach

We help you create superior and profitable customer experiences by applying appropriate user-centred design methods along with a framework for incorporating usability, persuasion & emotion.

About 70% of our work is digital - the rest offline/omni-channel

User / Customer Testing

A focus on real evidence, not opinions. We test real people whilst they perform real tasks. We observe what they actually do – analyse this evidence and make actionable recommendations for improvements.

We will design bespoke test(s) for your specific needs: 1-on-1 lab based testing, remote testing, in the field testing, MVT/analytics, eyetracking – often a combination.

Customer Insight / Research

The only way you will deliver truly excellent customer experience is if you really understand your customers.

People don’t behave how they say or think they will – Our range of research techniques uncover the true behaviour of your customers.

Expert Design Consultancy & UX strategy

Our UX experts are on hand to help you solve your problems, ease your design decisions, and make concrete recommendations to enhance your site or service.

This often takes the form of: design and UX strategy workshops, usability evaluations, persuasion and emotion evaluations, participatory design workshops, competitor benchmarking, best practice analysis, accessibility audits.

Interaction Design & Prototyping

For digital (websites and mobile) but also physical interactions such as kiosks, signage, and packaging. We design how information should be presented, how it flows and how it should respond.

Prototypes (from hand drawn through to high fidelity) demonstrate how it all works, form part of the final blueprints, and importantly can be tested with your customers.

Customer Modelling & Journey Mapping

Often part of a wider UCD or information architecture project but can also be a valuable stand alone exercise to throw light on opportunities and strategy.

Customer models and maps are concise visual distillations of research and analysis. They can show the current reality or the intended future experience.

Specialist Eyetracking Services

We have unrivalled experience with eyetracking techniques and technology and offer specialist eyetracking studies aimed at optimising the impact and conversions produced by any visual media.

We develop tailored quantitative and qualitative studies for optimising homepages and landing pages, print media, TV ads, billboards, POS, packaging, planograms and more...

Usability / UCD / UX Training Courses

A range of intensive and interactive courses for those involved in creating outstanding customer experiences.

Includes: Beyond usability, Designing for persuasion, Rapid prototyping with Axure, Practical accessibility, User testing–how to do it yourself.

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Specialist Lab building service

Leveraging years of experience setting up UX research spaces in the UK and abroad; we can help you spec out the hardware, software and everything else needed to create a flexible, comfortable research space.

This includes the physical construction, supplying the testing & AV equipment (including eye trackers) as well as sharing our processes and providing consultant training.

Internet of Things (IOT) Consultancy

If you are working in the IoT we can unlock the value you need from your connected products and services.

We typically start with behavioural research of your customers. We identify their needs and pain points and turn these into an ecosystem strategy. This considers all of your connected devices, service touchpoints, data needs, and customer experiences. It becomes a framework to guide all your design and project decisions. We then prototype IoT solutions with you, testing and validating them with customers before you go to market.

Siemens case study


380% Increase in Key KPI, improved navigation and engagement.

"Bunnyfoot draw on their indepth knowledge of customers and our sector to challenge us with better solutions. Their style mirrors our own – can do, delivery focused and not a Frappuccino in sight!"

James Millet, Head of Digital


90% increase in conversions. During our 2 year partnership with Virgin Holidays we saw conversions gradually increasing as we made changes to suit customer needs.

"Working with you all on BIMCO’s new website has been a really eye-opening, fascinating and fun experience. I’m really proud of the approach we’ve taken on the new site."

Gemma Wilkie, Director of Communications


114% rise in mobile traffic and a 43% rise in tablet traffic
"Bunnyfoot did an excellent job in putting the customer at the heart of our approach to web usability. Previously all our customer experience decisions were based on instinct rather than hard customer research. Working with Bunnyfoot we were able to turn this on its head, we learnt some hard lessons about what we were doing wrong, but significantly improved the customer experience and online conversion as a result."

Alex Roberts,
Marketing and Sales Director

Great Rail Journeys Ltd

Research Studios / Labs

Our spacious viewing room in our London office

We run state-of-the-art testing facilities in Oxford, London and Sheffield. All studios contain eye tracking equipment and can host client observers in comfort.

Our studios and equipment are available for hire.

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