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World Usability Day comes to Edinburgh

September 28, 2010
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Can school children create better communication products?

World Usability Day, dedicated to raising awareness about making our world work better, will this year focus on ‘Communications’. Events will run across the globe on the 11th November 2010 to raise awareness about making our life easier and more user friendly.

Bunnyfoot teams complete CARE Challange 2010

September 8, 2010
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Two teams from Bunnyfoot recently successfully completed the 2010 CARE New Media Adventure Challenge.

This involved covering 26 miles by foot, by canoe, and by bike – and a few interesting challenges along the way.

Love App-tually. User research on why people prefer mobile apps

Why is it that Apple’s App Store hosts over 200, 000 apps and has served over 3 billion app downloads despite only being launched a mere two years ago? What makes apps so popular and how do you harness that popularity?

Our most recent app testing for a major household name revealed 2 key reasons why apps were preferred to browsing the web: people like apps because they are immediate and focussed.

Dundee based Realtime Worlds – no more.

August 18, 2010
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APB game advertIt is sad news this morning to see Dundee based game developers ‘Realtime Worlds’ going into administration. So, what happened?

Training Day 2010

August 12, 2010
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It’s a hot June morning as a black taxi pulls up on a tree-lined road in front of what was once an officer’s mess. The rambling corridors have now become the perfect rabbit warren for Bunnyfoot and other innovative businesses in what is now “Harwell Innovation Centre”.

As 4 people climb out and I hear the chatter and laughter of different accents, excited about the day ahead, I remember why I was drawn to this company in the first place. I see the laptops, the overnight bags and large art cases hiding a multitude of intriguing props they’ve brought to take part in Bunnyfoot’s Annual Training Day.

Giving diners control with a touchpad

August 9, 2010 - This post has 1 comment
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Inside Inamo Restaurant - showing interactive tables with touchpads

Inside Inamo Restaurant

Inamo restaurant in London is using a new way to attract customers, with the world’s first interactive ordering system using overhead projection technology: an ‘e-table’. The aim of this is to give the diner control over the dining experience.

Diners sit at a table, and rather than use a paper menu, they place their order through a food and drinks menu that is projected onto the table surface. As well as ordering food, diners can change their table cloth, browse food, play games, request and review the bill, look for things to do in London, and order a taxi.

Bunnyfoot Digital Masterclass – raising money for CARE

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Neil outlines important analytics questionsLast week we held a Digital Masterclass to raise money for this year’s chosen Bunnyfoot charity event, The CARE Challenge. We were thrilled by the turnout and support from our clients and friends, all at short notice. All in all we managed to raise over £600. To those who came along or donated — we salute you!

Age of the Avatar (Part I)

August 3, 2010
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James Cameron's Avatar

Public interest in avatars has increased thanks to a recent James Cameron film (20th Century Fox)

No longer are avatars the ideas and projects saved for geeks or the games industry. Since the massive success of James Cameron’s film Avatar, the wider public have been exposed to not only the concept and possibility of 3D virtual worlds, but the technology behind creating and controlling an avatar.

The development of personalised intelligent media is fast progressing and will soon provide us with

Edinburgh Zoo flyer

One of the great attractions in Edinburgh is the Zoo, my kids love it. We have been members for five years and spend many days of the summer holidays wandering around. Over the last few years I’ve seen the Zoo marketing develop and on my last visit was particularly impressed by their recent flyers. They have successfully combined maps, plans for the future, members information and all manner of other info into one neat, slick and usable handout.Edinburgh Zoo Flyer

The flyer is a standard DL sized concertina folded affair but what nicely sets it apart is that it has a built in information architecture and is really easy to use.

The concertina has an offset fold that exposes a small border. The borders show the title of that section and make it easy to find and fold to that section. The borders act in the same way as tabs do within a webpage. Tabs are used to show off sections within the flyerThey conceal a large amount of information in a small space and provide the user with a quick introduction to the contents.

Having these tabs makes it easy to find the section you are interested in and avoids the problem of either having to open up the entire concertina or folding it up in some weird way to expose the bit that you are interested in.

If the zoo were not a fantastic trip in and of itself, I would heartily recommend popping along just to pick up one of these flyers.

If you’re aware of any similar excellent examples we’d love to hear about them.

Flyer opens out to display lots of information about what's going on

Lots of information becomes easily accessible

The Countdown to the Care Challenge is on!

July 7, 2010
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  1. Bunnies (if you count Peregrin, or more like if Peregrin includes us!)
  2. hours (half that if you run, according to last year’s winners. Gulp)
  3. individual fundraising activities planned (mmmm, bake sale)
  4. weeks to go (that’s <strong>£375 a week</strong> needed to hit target)
  5. corporate sponsorships needed (get your name on our tshirts for £50!)
  6. more than 20 miles to cover (that’s a marathon!)
  7. hundred pounds raised so far (help!)
  8. th September (not long now)
  9. activities to conquer (hiking, biking and canoeing)
  10. thousand pounds per office target (we only need 3k to enter, but we want to raise more!)
  11. day to do it all in
  12. chance of backing out now

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