Rapid prototyping with AXURE (advanced)

Creating prototypes with complex interaction design

1 Day (9:30-16:30) interactive training course

  • Central London

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Brief description:

Axure RP allows you to rapidly prototype desktop and mobile interfaces and produce testable, sharable, HTML, viewable in a browser without touching a line of code.

This advanced course is an intensely practical session suitable for those who have either completed our intermediate course or already can do the following:

  • Can format widgets to produce colourful buttons, roll over states, embed links, styled containers etc.
  • Use Guides and grids to create tidy prototypes
  • Can screen grab then chop up existing webpages and put them back together in a different order
  • Can create interactive HTML prototypes with interaction that feature conditional logic such as:
    • If dropdown = 'shoes', show some shoes
    • If dropdown = 'hats', show some hats
    • Clicking object X changes object Y
    • If Z does not contain @ show error message
  • Understands the fundamental principles of 'dynamic panels':
    • Making stuff appear and disappear on click or mouse over
    • Simulate HTML5 type wizardry such as carousels, light boxes, in page changes etc
  • Can annotate prototypes
  • Can use masters to create reusable elements such as global navigation

Now you're ready to make your prototypes SPECTACULAR!

Is it for you?

Sometimes you need to turn your ideas into something tangible and interactive. You need to demonstrate to managers, the board, developers or customers how something will work – you need a prototype

Axure RP is an industry-leading digital prototyping tool, used by over 30,000 professionals for communicating design ideas beyond paper sketching, storyboards, scenarios etc.

If you have a stake in improving your digital content and have ideas for how this should be done - this is for you

Participants are typically, product managers, user experience professionals and managers, interaction designers, graphic designers, information architects, developers...

What you will learn

Some of the topics covered in this Intermediate to advanced course include:

  • How to make prototypes that are essentially indistinguishable from real websites
  • Advanced dynamic panel use to create HTML5 type wizardry such as:
    • Animations
    • Carousels
    • Accordions
    • Page scrolling
  • Advanced conditional logic
    • If X = a AND Y = b THEN do this thing ELSE do something else
    • Local variables
    • Math and String functions
  • Variable passing between pages (one widget or page knows what happened on another widget or page)
  • Embed media such as video and maps
  • Use frames to draw in content from live sites
  • Mobile prototype generation (how to design for small screens and view on a mobile device)
  • How to get the best from high fidelity prototype testing

It's fun, it's interactive, you will meet interesting people to exchange ideas and experiences with, you will produce something worthwhile and go back to your desk armed with weapons to impress your colleagues and friends.

Learning objectives

After completing the lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Become an AXURE Ninja!
  • Make sophisticated prototypes that are essentially indistinguishable from real functionality
  • Build, distribute and user test sophisticated interaction design in AXURE without the need for developers
"Everything was enjoyable and went well. I felt that I got a lot out of the course. "

Amy Gormley
Software Engineer, Skills Development Scotland

"I enjoyed any tasks we did that could be linked to my job. Any solutions that saved time and effort compared to how I would previously tackle them was invaluable. "

Chris Hart
UX Designer, News International

"The course material was perfect. Aaron adapted the agenda to our skill set and needs. "

Claire Garlick
UX Designer, News International

"I enjoyed the pace in which Aaron taught us. I feel I've learnt a lot, I'm looking forward to implementing what I've learned! "

Olivia Nash
UX Designer, News International

"Challenging, interesting, the way the course is run with lots of exercises."

Natasha Hamilton
Senior UX Designer, Moonpig

About your trainer

Aaron has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Human Centred Computer Systems and is Head of Usability at Bunnyfoot. After several years working in severe mental health services, Aaron went back to university to study the relationship between human cognition and digital interfaces. After discovering that malfunctioning interfaces can be as difficult to change as human cognition, he avowed to remedy the situation by ensuring things are usable BEFORE delivery to the end user.

He has been with Bunnyfoot for 7 years and is a highly experienced, and profoundly user-centred, interaction designer and usability consultant. He has hundreds of hours of user testing sessions for clients in (nearly) every conceivable domain including several companies within the Virgin group, The Judiciary, National and Local Government, Easyjet, BBC, ITV, Microsoft, The NHS and more…

He has vast experience in the development and design of websites and mobile apps from requirements gathering, early concept development, information architecture, wire-framing and rapid prototyping.

Aaron is Bunnyfoot's resident Axure Fu master.

Image of Aaron Young

Aaron Young

Principal Consultant

Inspired by Heinz Wolff and Wile E. Coyote


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