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Bunyfoot CEO Dr Jon Dodd to talk at UCD UK 2015

September 8, 2015
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Dr Jon Dodd – CEO at Bunnyfoot – has been announced as a speaker at UCD 2015 User-Centred Design Conference.  Jon will be speaking on Saturday 24th October about ‘The Neuroscience of UX’.

Bunnyfoot CEO Dr Jon Dodd to speak at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015

March 13, 2015
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Dr Jon Dodd – CEO at Bunnyfoot – has been announced as a speaker during the MAKE day on 11th May at this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival. Jon will be talking about memory user experience and how incorporating the neuroscience of memory can be used to make lasting impressions on your customer.

Econsultancy Publish Bunnyfoot Article on Telling Stories Through Visual Design

October 18, 2013
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Jon Dixon, one of our Senior Interaction Designers, was recently published by Econsultancy. The article “Visual narratives: telling a story through visual design” discusses the key to creating clear, effective, usable designs.

Stroking your customer’s brains: part 1/2 – Perception in design

In part 1 of 2 from this April 2013 Bunnytalk (our regular monthly presentations hosted in London), Bunnyfoot CEO Dr Jon Dodd takes you through the science behind how designers of sites and services can unleash the power of influence over customers and their decision making.

Design for the human brain: Little things matter especially at critical gateways

Today I was logging into two different online banking sites to check on the health (or otherwise) of my finances. Both sites have annoying login procedures – a necessary evil for security – but one of them has implemented it in a way that recognises human capabilities whereas the other one hasn’t – see if you can spot which is which:

Internet banking example - 3 drop downs for character 3,4 and 7

Example 1

Internet banking login screen with 3 drop downs within a master password

Example 2

Designing for human behaviour -the top 10 things you need to know about people

(Notes from the UK Usability Professionals’ Association workshop with Dr Susan Weinschenk)
We often attend events and network with other experts in the usability and user experience profession. I recently attended a workshop organised through the UK Usability Professionals’ Association and thought it would be useful to share my notes. In this workshop Susan Weinschenk (a well-known consultant and author from the US) presented her ten principles for engagement. These principles are a really nice summary of considerations that we consider every day when designing interactive experiences.

The Emotion of Surprise

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Looking to understand a little more about how eye tracking works?

Take a trip into the human mind through Rob Steven’s talk “The Emotion of Surprise” from Brandhouse Digital Sparks

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