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Usability testing vs Focus groups

We are surprised by how many people we talk to who don’t understand the difference between usability testing and market research focus groups so we thought we would clear this up.

Know your customers better than they know themselves

An introduction to facial coding

Our faces can say it all when we’re unable to articulate our thoughts into words. This could be in the form of an emotional response at the time of impact called a micro expression.

The illusion of progress

The other day I read an interesting article on Business Insider’s website titled “Even The Illusion Of Progress Is Motivating”. The article centres around the goal gradient effect, and the findings could be useful for understanding what makes your customers tick within the realm of usability.

40% of Customers Don’t Know that Google Adwords are Adverts

We were testing aspects of the digital customer experience as part of end-to-end customer experience research for a well known insurance company. During these tests we noted that the vast majority of the customers (81/100) clicked on Google Adwords rather than the natural search results.

The size of this bias was little bit surprising, but what was even more surprising were the reasons behind this behaviour

Social proof – how you and your customers make decisions

Recently, C&A Brazil did an interesting and innovative Mother’s Day campaign: They linked the coat hangers in store with Facebook so that each hanger showed the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ each piece of clothing received. The campaign was a huge success with part of the collection being sold out on the first day.

One reason for this outstanding result lies on the use of social proof, a powerful persuasion technique.

How are people engaging with the ‘First Social Olympic Games’?

Olympics logo and socail media iconsLondon 2012 has been touted as the first ‘Social Games’. Social media is an important part of the BBC’s broadcasting and LOCOG’s engagement strategy – but how are people actually using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online

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