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Bunnyfoot Training Days and Business Origami

October 23, 2015
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For two days this week, the whole Bunnyfoot team came together to not only enjoy the hospitality of Sheffield, but primarily to learn from and share with each other. One of the featured talks of the training was our CEO Dr Jon Dodd’s presentation on the history of Bunnyfoot from its inception in 1999 looking to the future using ‘Business Origami’ to illustrate it.

Playful Design and User Engagement

September 24, 2014
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At Bunnyfoot we help our clients produce exciting and interesting ways to engage their customers whilst delivering the behaviours the business needs. Often this is achieved by introducing playfulness – partly to increase engagement and fun, but also as a way of guiding the actions and behaviours that are desired.

Bunnytalk: Getting creative with customer focused ideation & idea generation

September 10, 2014
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In our latest Bunnytalk (our regular monthly events) our CEO, Dr Jon Dodd, talked about getting creative, unblocking fixed ideas, ‘me too’ & the bandwagon derivative design to create ‘remarkable’ customer experiences.

Movember 2011

December 6, 2011
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Thanks to everyone who helped us to raise £1,030 for Movember!

Bunnyfoot Mo Bro Awards

Bunnyfoot Mo Bro Awards: The boys came in on December 1st slightly colder faced, but with big smiles all around as the perpetual nose-ticklers were jubilantly shaved off.

Bunnyfoot Mo Bro’s show their bare faced cheek for charity

November 9, 2011
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In case you’re wondering why every November men start to look…different. They suddenly become fresh faced but as the month goes on fluff starts to accumulate on their top lip. You wonder if it’s a new fashion, or maybe some kind of disease…

…It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, now dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health; specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Many of the guys at Bunnyfoot are donating their top lips to the cause for 30 days in an effort to help change the face of men’s health. These Mo’s will spark conversations, and no doubt generate some laughs; all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds for cancers affecting men.

Information visualisation: When it’s good to lie to your audience.

The key to good communication is to know exactly what to communicate to your audience so you can help them do whatever they are doing. This focus on audience needs is more important than being squeaky clean with reality. When backed by clear insight into the needs of your audience this means you aren’t really lying at all (that would be dishonest and despicable) – rather you are ‘enhancing the truth’ and communicating well according to your audiences goals.

Lessons from the London Underground

Geographical and the iconic London tube maps

Last week on University Challenge a set of questions for the students was to identify London underground stations on a map which was drawn with geographic accuracy rather than in the iconic Harry Beck 1931 style.

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