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Stroking your Customer’s Brains: Part 2/2 Designing for Persuasion

June 6, 2013
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In part 2 from the April 2013 Bunnytalk (our regular monthly presentations hosted in London),  Jon Dodd introduces the principles of persuasion in design using ideas honed from years of scientific study from the disciplines of behavioural economics, sociology and psychology.

Stroking your customer’s brains: part 1/2 – Perception in design

In part 1 of 2 from this April 2013 Bunnytalk (our regular monthly presentations hosted in London), Bunnyfoot CEO Dr Jon Dodd takes you through the science behind how designers of sites and services can unleash the power of influence over customers and their decision making.

Digital Shoreditch Festival 2013 – Highlights and Key Take Homes

With an overarching theme of ‘celebrating outstanding creativity,’ Digital Shoreditch 2013 brought together some of the greatest digital minds from Tech City and beyond to discuss innovative projects, products, platforms and services within the digital space. Bunnyfoot CEO Jon Dodd, gave a talk ‘On the Importance of Emotional Design’ exploring the role of emotion in creating engaging and persuasive designs that deliver superior user experiences.

The importance of emotion in creating positive customer experiences

Today I delivered a talk at Digital Shoreditch on the importance of emotion in creating engaging and persuasive designs that deliver superior customer experiences.

Bunnytalk: Frank Rose on storytelling in the digital age

On 24 May, we at Bunnyfoot were lucky enough to sit down with one of the most influential technology writers around for a fascinating Q & A session.  Frank Rose, contributing editor for Wired magazine, and bestselling author of ‘West of Eden’ and ‘The Art of Immersion’, shared his views on how digital media is changing the way stories are told – and how brands need to adapt along with it. He also touched on how this all ties in to user experience.

To set the scene: the London evening was balmy, the venue full with digital media professionals, and Bunnyfoot’s own Aaron Young was ready to ask a barrage of questions.

Rory Sutherland shares user experience tips at Bunnyfoot’s JUICE 2012

June 28, 2012
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Ensuring a flawless online customer experience is a pretty big deal to us at Bunnyfoot. On 14 June 2012, we hosted an event for our clients to highlight this message while looking at the online experience across all channels.

The theme of the day: Joined Up Interactive Customer Experiences (JUICE).

Jon Dodd, CEO of Bunnyfoot

On hand to help our cause was outspoken and inspiring Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group.

The Emotion of Surprise

July 6, 2010 - This post has 1 comment
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Looking to understand a little more about how eye tracking works?

Take a trip into the human mind through Rob Steven’s talk “The Emotion of Surprise” from Brandhouse Digital Sparks

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