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Boden and Bunnyfoot work together to take customer experience to the next level across European and US markets

Boden the international fashion retailer is to enhance online customer experience by gaining insights from watching the real behaviour of its customers whilst they use the current Boden site and also some new innovative prototypes.

What did Bunnyfoot look like in 2010?

December 23, 2010
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Ever wondered what a year of Bunnyfoot looks like?

Here’s a collection of the weird and the wonderful world of Bunnyfoot…

Vote Nick for UPA UK Liaison role

November 22, 2010
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Our very own Nick Antram is up for election for the UPA’s UK Liaison role and we need your votes to make him your champion before 12th December, 2010!

The UK Usability Professionals Association (UK UPA) has been a source of Bunnyfoot discussion for a long time. There is so much potential when you are part of it to learn, network and grow but we have long felt that it seems more of the London UPA than actually UK spread. We have always tried in ourselves to avoid the London bias by opening offices across the UK, so maybe we are just more sensitive to this than most. We were thrilled when after many discussions about how we could help, a UK liaison role opened to spread the UPA outside London. We jumped at the chance to be part of it as we feel it will bring massive benefit not just to professionals, but all those interested in bringing a great experience to their customers across the UK.

Bunnyfoot teams complete CARE Challange 2010

September 8, 2010
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Two teams from Bunnyfoot recently successfully completed the 2010 CARE New Media Adventure Challenge.

This involved covering 26 miles by foot, by canoe, and by bike – and a few interesting challenges along the way.

The Countdown to the Care Challenge is on!

July 7, 2010
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  1. Bunnies (if you count Peregrin, or more like if Peregrin includes us!)
  2. hours (half that if you run, according to last year’s winners. Gulp)
  3. individual fundraising activities planned (mmmm, bake sale)
  4. weeks to go (that’s <strong>£375 a week</strong> needed to hit target)
  5. corporate sponsorships needed (get your name on our tshirts for £50!)
  6. more than 20 miles to cover (that’s a marathon!)
  7. hundred pounds raised so far (help!)
  8. th September (not long now)
  9. activities to conquer (hiking, biking and canoeing)
  10. thousand pounds per office target (we only need 3k to enter, but we want to raise more!)
  11. day to do it all in
  12. chance of backing out now

Bunnyfoot win Oxford Innovation Award

Dr Jon Dodd and Rob Stevens were proud to have their hard work rewarded after beating off stiff competition in the Oxford Innovation Awards.

Proud to Support Young Enterprise Scotland

June 25, 2010
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The YES programme (www.lothianyes.com) supports young people in gaining experience by setting up and running their own companies over the course of a year. The offers of support from business leaders in the community is what keeps the spirit of the programme alive,

We’re multiplying like rabbits!

May 19, 2010
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It feels like every time I turn around there’s a new member of staff and we’re still looking for more (a senior information architect and a digital project manager)! Find out about who’s joined, who’s moved and who we are looking for here.

Usability Snowman

January 7, 2010 - This post has 2 comments
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Well, we asked for some snow donations on Twitter and they came in in abundance! One day there was not even a hint of frost and the next, we were ankle deep in snow, working from home, but still managing to inject some Bunnyfoot fun into the day with a “usability snowman” competition across our UK offices (I hope Hong Kong don’t feel too left out!).

2 hours, some snow and a little imagination produced an outright winner from Oxford’s Usability Consultant, Nick Antram. Here’s his entry…

Here is an attempt at a usable snowman. We talked to local snowmen users and asked them what they really wanted out of their snowmen and the overwhelming response of the 2 people we spoke to was that snowmen needed to be not only big fat piles of snow that were funny to look at, but useful too!

Popular suggestions were:

  • To have a flashing light on the top so users could easily see the snowman in a snowstorm
  • Have a comfy seat to allow users to have a nice sit down after struggling through the snow
  • To have a nice cuppa tea (when is this not a popular suggestion?)

So we sketched some ideas:

Well ok, just one

Initial sketches of a usable snowman

Did some anthropometric analysis and fitting trials:

Scientific sketches to make sure the snowman chair is viable

Which gave us the 95th percentile of users

Then we user tested it thoroughly in blizzard like conditions **

And this is the result…

The snowmatic ergsnowchair!

Snowman Chair in its completed form

With some final user testing, we just knew it was perfect.

Nicks quest for to build an ergonomic chair

* Ergonomic principles may not have been used
** May not have been user tested thoroughly

New office at Electric Works in Sheffield

September 2, 2008
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I’m really looking forward to opening in to our new office at Electric Works in Sheffield on Monday 2 nd March 09.

‘Sheffield?!’ I can almost hear you say,’ The grim Yorkshire city where they set The Full Monty?’. Yes the very same one and it’s come a long way since the coal mines and steel industry closed down for good; Sheffield has successfully reinvented itself a digital hub with a future the traditional industries could have never provided.

Sheffield has however not lost its love for Steel as can be seen by our new slide in reception ; )

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