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Does the North South divide exist online too?

During 2005 one of the many interesting projects undertaken by Bunnyfoot included a large scale usability test of a new Microsoft website.

What companies look for in usability professionals

November 10, 2006
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Article written by former Bunnyfoot Director Stewart Pleace
– appeared in New Media Age November 2006.

There are a whole host of agencies out there who now seem to offer an all-encompassing package of services, from graphic design through to customer research, usability and accessibility. It’s quite a challenge to sift through them all and get a proper understanding of what they offer, and whether or not the fact that they offer an all-in-one package is of benefit to the business.

Misleading ads mean over-inflated success rates and huge wastage for leading brands

July 7, 2004
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Many leading brand advertisers could be wasting up to 90% of their online advertising budget and causing mistrust and frustration amongst users because of misleading adverts which make the user click-through by accident, according to new research from web behaviour specialists, Bunnyfoot.

In user-testing involving 60 people, Bunnyfoot found that almost 9 out of 10 click-throughs for a leading UK brand’s pop-over advertisement (rich media adverts which appear in the browser, over the main content) were made by mistake because the ‘close’ button was so difficult to find. The brand in question has claimed a 20% click-through rate for the campaign, but Bunnyfoot’s research suggests a more believable 2% success rate.

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