‘Mind: The Gap’ – Bridging the experience gap between the usable and the exceptional

June 6, 2016
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On July 28th 2016, Bunnyfoot will be running an afternoon workshop on how to create exceptional customer experiences. The workshop will be hosted at The Goldsmiths Centre in Farringdon and run by 2 of our expert UX consultants Jon Dixon and Julie Zoe Kjernes.

What the workshop will cover:

The key to a great customer experiences is to create something that works the way customers think it should work. That’s been the principle of usability and user experience since their very beginnings.

But exceptional customer experiences go further. They give customers exactly what they need before they know they need it, something wonderful that they don’t even know they want. These experiences are often called ‘delighters’; and can move your customers from merely satisfied consumers to passionate, involved brand advocates.

But how do we find out what these experiences might be? How do we close the gap between what we can find out by watching or talking to our customers and the unknown, seemingly inaccessible, unconscious needs and drivers we need to satisfy?

The solution to bridging that gap is found in the human mind. We like to think of ourselves as conscious beings, our decisions taken after careful consideration and thought. But we make most of our decisions unconsciously, in the parts of our brains whose workings are hidden from our direct attention. Our consciousness merely justifies those often already-made decisions after the event. Advertisers have known this for many years and often bypass our rational minds to target more primal and powerful triggers.

To create a delightful experience and surpass our customers’ expectations, we need to talk to the primal parts of the brain.

Is it for you?

If you want to improve the impact of your designs, maximise conversions, optimise landing pages or effective adverts – this is for you!


Tickets for this free event are going fast – to register interest and secure yourself a seat, email Jo Hutton or give her a call on 07946 250088.


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