Bunnytalk: What I’ve learned building a testing culture at an E-commerce startup

Tom Waterfall, a CRO (that’s a ‘Conversion Rate Optimiser’, not a member of the Night’s Watch) treated us to February’s Bunnytalk discussing his role at Lostmy.Name, a fast growing company that produces customised books. He tells of the trials and tribulations of building a testing culture at the e-commerce startup in 6 punchy lessons from failing fast to Facebook ads.

The Talk Covers:

  • Building a community of data enthusiasm
  • Multidisciplinary groups and dynamic internal structures
  • Best practices in testing and CRO
  • How to continuing testing through peak seasons
  • Facebook advertising

Tom was also kind enough to offer us all a 15% discount code if you wanted to order an impossibly personalised book for anyone (or yourself) – www.lostmy.name/friends/tom-waterfall

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