Stroking your Customer’s Brains: Part 2/2 Designing for Persuasion

June 6, 2013
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In part 2 from the April 2013 Bunnytalk (our regular monthly presentations hosted in London),  Jon Dodd introduces the principles of persuasion in design using ideas honed from years of scientific study from the disciplines of behavioural economics, sociology and psychology.

In this section he covers:

  • The core principles for designing for persuasion (reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment, social proof, likeability)
  • How ‘persuasion engineering’ fits in with other activities such as usability, user centred design etc.
  • Designing to enhance trust and desirability

Key take homes from the talk:

  1. Design for the known rules of persausion
  2. Ideally make it strategic rather than tactical
  3. Test and improve

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